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Sponsor Benefits

National Television Coverage Onsite Race Car Open House
* Winning Purse Sharing Race Car Corporate Logo Race
Car Hauler Billboard on Wheels Hospitality Tent Usage
Trade Show Display/Representation Inexpensive Sponsor Rates

Sponsor Comments

I was truly amazed when I began to research how many fans there are in this sport. When I finally decided to be one of the 'Guthmiller MotorSports" sponsors, Rob made it easy to be excited!

Now I can't imagine any other form of advertisement being any better. We had a company get together in a private tent with our corporate logo on it recently. This was a huge success with employees and customers. Really a fun day, to say the least.

We have received numerous calls and more numerous comments on our logo being on the race car. It is quite a "Icebreaker" with new clients. I could not be more happy with the results and I would highly recommend 'Rob Guthmiller MotorSports' to anyone seriously considering a sponsorship.

Steven Michael Smith
ProForce Corporation
Minneapolis, MN



Mobile Advertising on any of our Trailers!!


Join Us!

Would you like to promote your company's product or service on a professional ASA race car??

Would you like to receive the attention from the over 29% of people what watch "Stock Car Racing" who earn more than $50,000 per year?

Do you have a product or service targeted to the male population?

If so, over 60% of the Stock Car racing market is a male market. Further; it is the fastest growing sport in America!


Team Sponsorship Cost :

NASCAR Winston Cup Series

Primary Sponsor $5 -$10 million                                                                                    Major Associates $500,000 -$2.5 million

NASCAR Bush Series

Primary Sponsor $1.5 -$3 million                                                                                  Major Associates $250,000 -$600,000

NASCAR Truck Series                                                                                                                                                 Primary Sponsor $1.0 -$1.8 million                                                                                Major Associates $100,000 - $500,000

ASA AC DELCO  Series                                                                                                                                             Primary Sponsor  $200,000 -$400,000                                                                      Major Associates  $20,000 - $50,000

Rob Guthmiller is prepared to race ASA,Craftsman Trucks Or Bush Series ask Rob for budget and different sponsor parameters.


29% - $50,000+

19% - $30,000-$39,000

17% - $20,000-$29,000

14% - $40,000-$49,000

GENDER DEMOGRAPHICS:                                             38% - Female

62% - Male                                                                                                                                                   Marital Status 64% - Married 22% - Single 14% - Divorced or Widowed Age 29% - 25-34 25% - 35-44 16% - 45-54 15% - 18-24 12% - 55+




Total Viewership Races for 1999 Races For 2000 Races For 2001
NASCAR Winston Cup   139.7 Million  
NASCAR Bush Series   35.9 Million  
NASCAR Craftsman Truck   13.5 Million  
ASA Ac Delco Series 7.5 Million  9.7 Million est. 11.8 to 12 Million




Total Attendance Comparison Races for 1999 Total 1999 Attendance Total 2000         Attendance
NASCAR Winston Cup 34 6,527,456
NASCAR Bush Series 31 2,305,412
NASCAR Craftsman Truck 25 902,867
ASA Ac Delco Series 20