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Rob began racing motorcycles and moved on to go-carts, street stock,
road course, hobby stock, super trucks, and finally professionally ASA Stock cars.
While running a limited racing schedule, he achieved over 100 first place finishes,
and attained a remarkable 25% race/win ratio.
Rob has a Christian focus and while money does not fuel his racing desires,
it is a necessary part of the business side of racing. Therefore, Rob has prepared this
portfolio to show you the benefits of sponsorship. If you are considering this type of
promotional advertisement, Rob can honestly state you will never regret your decision.


Rob Guthmiller


Web Site:



                                  ROB GUTHMILLER
                                                               3117 Hwy. 70 S.E. 
                                                              Newton,  NC 28658



To obtain a position as a driver For ASA, ARCA, Craftsman Truck or The Busch Series.


GUTHMILLER MOTORSPORTS, Minneapolis, MN (05-80 to present)


Responsible and assisted in all facets of operations, including race car assembly,
welding, fabrication, body/paint, engine building/tune, chassis set-up, transporting
race vehicle, detailing, decal application, shop organization, office management
and team manager for 10 crew members.



Motorcycle       (2 championships, competed in 92 races & 40 race wins)
Go-Kart             (2 championships, competed in 48 races & 18 race wins)
Street stock      (2 championships, competed in 60 races & 30 race wins)
SCCA               (Limited schedule, competed in 20 races & 07 race wins)
Hobbystocks   (Limited schedule, competed in 10 race & 00  race wins)
Super Trucks  (Limited schedule, competed in 51 races &16 race wins)
ASA Series     (Limited schedule, competed in 02 races & 00 race wins) 


Weight lifting, running, biking, bullriding,
building hot rods and motorcycles. 
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I personally had the opportunity to meet with Rob Guthmiller at his Race Shop.                               
I feel that with proper sponsorship, Robs desire to win and drive will produce a
successful motorsports program. 
Robs past track record, with over a hundred wins, four championships and a 25%
Win ratio are indicative of the type of competitor that he is. Rob has the essential
Ingredients that help to form championship drivers…. the necessary sponsorship
Dollars could enable him to capture that championship at a higher level of racing.
Glenn Jarrett                                                           

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Rob Guthmiller
"A Personal Profile "

A New Passion is Born!

Rob began racing motorcycles at age twelve and moved on to go-carts.


Look Close--You'll See the Huge Smile!

Rob's body shop sponsored his street stock racing.



A Step up to Racing with Corvette and Porsche Clubs at Brainerd International

Can you imagine racing these exquisite $500,000 Ferrari's with a Corvette? We'll how bout this, he ran competitively.


A return to circle track racing with a 67' Chevelle

A short season of Hobby Stock racing after a stuck throttle results in a head on wall collision.






Steadily Moving Through the Ranks


Racing Mid-American Super Trucks was Rob's first touring series, preparing him for American Speed Association (ASA).

Full Blown ASA with

a 1999 Grand Prix

Rob recently sold his company, Custom and Collision Inc., and his house to devote a full time effort into a racing career.



Second Generation Ryker Guthmiller!

A future racer is born on October 10th, 1995.